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Research and Development

Research and Development

In-depth study and extensive research by our world-class team of scientists brings to you revolutionary solutions in mother and baby care. Market research to understand gaps, study of materials for utmost safety and comfort make PIGEON products top in their class.

PIGEON promotes the healthy development of the baby and the happiness of the mother and family through innovation and invention. The basis of our strong growth is our even stronger R&D unit. Based on three important processes, we create products that suit your exact needs:

  • Extensive study on the needs of new mothers and babies
  • Market research to identify the gaps between demand and supply
  • Our knowledgeable and motivated team of researchers.

At the core of our R&D activities is our Central Research Centre (CRC) established in 1991 in Tsukuba Mirai city in Ibaraki Prefecture. Standing by our commitment to offer intelligent solutions, we opened a special wing of the CRC in Singapore in 2011 to collect statistical data relevant to breastfeeding related products.

From initial studies by attaching cameras to the bottom of baby bottles, to using ultrasonic echo results we are moving with the times. Adapting new technology and materials along with expert knowledge and a passion to offer the best has taken the PIGEON product research to great heights. This quest to offer new products is a continually evolving one and imagination is the limit!

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Research-based Innovation

The popular range of PIGEON bottles and nipples are a result of over 50 years of research in suckling science. Our “Bonyu Jikkan” baby bottle nipples (Peristaltic PLUS™ bottles) are one of our very successful applications of research in the field of baby feeding. Launched in 2010, these nipples offer the most natural feeding experience to your baby.

Products born from advanced research

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