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  • Is it necessary to use washing detergent to wash the bottle and nipple after usage?

    Yes. Milk contains fat and protein that cannot be washed away using just plain water. Before sterilizing the bottles, be sure to wash them clean with washing detergent and rinse them thoroughly. We recommend using PIGEON liquid cleanser to wash the bottles and nipples as it is made with 100% food grade ingredients, and therefore a safer option as compared with general dish-washing detergent.

  • I’m currently using an S-size Nipple, but there is still milk left even after my baby has been drinking for 20 minutes. Is this all right?

    The recommended time for each feeding is 10-15 minutes. If your baby is taking 20 minutes or longer, try loosening the cap of the bottle a little. If that doesn’t work, switch to an M-size or Y-cut nipple.

  • Is it normal for bubbles to form in the bottle while my baby is drinking?

    Peristaltic PLUS™ nipples feature a unique valve with an air ventilation system (AVS™) to enable smooth and comfortable sucking. The bubbles that appear in the bottle form as a result of this system, and are a sign that the ventilation is working correctly. If bubbles do not appear in the bottle, it means that the milk is not flowing properly, and the cap should be slightly loosened for optimal performance.

  • Which one should I buy? The Slim-Neck or Wide-Neck bottles?

    Babies transit better from breast to bottle feeding with wide-neck bottles as their mouth open widely when sucking from their mother’s breast.  So it is advisable for babies to try on the wide-neck bottles to allow baby to use their natural sucking motion learned at the breast.

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