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  • Can I use PIGEON Baby Laundry liquid detergent for my front load machine?

    Yes, you may do so as the formula of our liquid detergent is less foaming and of concentrated formula – only a small amount is needed for each wash thus it is suitable for front load machine.

  • How do I sterilize the pacifier/soother?

    All PIGEON pacifiers/soothers currently available in the market may be sterilized by boiling, steaming in the microwave, or soaking in chemical sterilizing solutions.

  • What should I do to keep my baby’s pacifier or teethers clean?

    Hygiene is very important to a growing baby. It is good to wash your pacifiers or teethers after each use. To wash pacifiers and teethers, we recommend using PIGEON Liquid Cleansers. Follow cleaning instructions on the liquid cleanser packaging and rinse thoroughly after each wash. You can also sterilize both items if necessary, and wipe with a clean towel dipped in warm water or with our Anti-bacterial wet tissue. Always remove trapped water before use.

  • Can I use the nipple from the Mag Mag Nipple Cup on my PIGEON nursing bottle?

    YES, you may interchange the nipples of Mag Mag Nipple Cup onto your PIGEON Wide-Neck nursing bottle as Peristaltic PLUS™ nipples are used for both Mag Mag Nipple Cup and the Wide-Neck nursing bottle.

  • The Mag Mag cup is leaking but it is supposed to be leak-proof. Is there something wrong with my cup?

    During dismantling and assembling of the Mag Mag Cup, the white gasket could have been placed wrongly; the protruding part of the gasket should be facing you to make the product leak-proof. Thus we recommend you checking on the position of the gasket.  In particular, please check the following:

    • Is the gasket attached?
    • Are the air valves completely pressed in the “Closed” direction? Check to see whether the valves are completely set by pressing them from both sides
    • Is the straw hood completely closed? The cup is designed so that tilting causes the contents to flow out of the tip of the straw. There will be no leakage if the hood is completely closed

  • Which weaning product would you recommend if I need to bring my baby out?

    We recommend our Feeding Dish with Spoon or Feeding Support Set. Both sets come with lids and offer you the convenience of storing baby’s food securely when you bring your baby out.

  • What is the difference between baby oil & Baby Lotion? Which one should I choose?

    Baby Oil is mainly used for baby massage, while Baby Lotion is used on a daily basis after bath to moisturize baby’s skin.

  • What is the difference between Hand & Mouth wet tissue & Anti-bacterial wet tissue?

    Both wet tissues contain 100% food grade ingredients that are safe for babies.  The main difference between these two items is in the usage occasion. Anti-bacterial wet tissue is used to disinfect feeding utensils, teethers and pacifiers, especially ideal for outdoor where soap and water are not readily available. Whereas Hand & Mouth wet tissue is gentle and safe to use on your baby’s hands face and mouth, especially during feeding.

  • Can I use baby wipe to wipe my baby’s face & mouth?

    Baby Wipes are recommended for use on baby’s bottom which is the most delicate body part, and they are also safe to wipe on baby’s bodies and face.  However, to wipe your baby’s mouth and hands after feeding, we recommend our Hand and Mouth Wipes, which contains 100% food grade ingredients.

  • What is the difference between Moisturizing Cloths & your normal Baby Wipes, The red colour packet one?

    Moisturizing Cloths contains lanolin (a moisturizer) and uses lattice weave fabric that catches sticky and water stools easily. Whereas for Baby Wipes (red packaging), it contains chamomile and rosehip and uses plain weave fabric that is soft on babies.

  • Why is the plate of the Sterilizer rusty? I only use for less than a month? How can I get rid of it?

    All tap water contains mineral deposits that are invisible to the naked eye. When heated at high temperature, water evaporates and leaves a thin layer of mineral deposits (Lime scale) on the heating plate. Such deposits look dirty and are often mistaken as rust. If deposits are not cleared regularly, it will affect the performance of your Sterilizer.We recommend 2 ways of removing the lime scale residue:- Lemon Juice Cleaning- Vinegar & Water CleaningYou may refer to the product manual for sterilizers for detailed information.

  • How long can you keep PIGEON Liquid Cleanser after it is opened?

    Please use within one year after opening and before the expiry date for optimum effectiveness.

  • Why is PIGEON Liquid Cleanser more expensive than others?

    PIGEON Liquid Cleanser is the only brand available in Singapore that is made with 100% food grade ingredients, which makes it an ideal cleanser that is safe for babies. Such food grade ingredients are more expensive than other ingredients which are not food grade.

  • What is Liquid Cleanser? What is the purpose of this product?

    PIGEON Liquid Cleanser is the ideal and safe cleanser to be used for cleaning baby accessories such as nursing bottles, nipples, pacifiers and toys. You can even use it to wash fruits and vegetables. It contains 100% food grade ingredients, and minimises baby’s exposure to harsh chemicals. It is strong and effective against dirt and milk stains yet harmless and safe for babies. Moreover, it has anti-bacterial properties, and is proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria.

  • Is it necessary to use washing detergent to wash the bottle and nipple after usage?

    Yes. Milk contains fat and protein that cannot be washed away using just plain water. Before sterilizing the bottles, be sure to wash them clean with washing detergent and rinse them thoroughly. We recommend using PIGEON liquid cleanser to wash the bottles and nipples as it is made with 100% food grade ingredients, and therefore a safer option as compared with general dish-washing detergent.

  • I’m currently using an S-size Nipple, but there is still milk left even after my baby has been drinking for 20 minutes. Is this all right?

    The recommended time for each feeding is 10-15 minutes. If your baby is taking 20 minutes or longer, try loosening the cap of the bottle a little. If that doesn’t work, switch to an M-size or Y-cut nipple.

  • Is it normal for bubbles to form in the bottle while my baby is drinking?

    Peristaltic PLUS™ nipples feature a unique valve with an air ventilation system (AVS™) to enable smooth and comfortable sucking. The bubbles that appear in the bottle form as a result of this system, and are a sign that the ventilation is working correctly. If bubbles do not appear in the bottle, it means that the milk is not flowing properly, and the cap should be slightly loosened for optimal performance.

  • Which one should I buy? The Slim-Neck or Wide-Neck bottles?

    Babies transit better from breast to bottle feeding with wide-neck bottles as their mouth open widely when sucking from their mother’s breast.  So it is advisable for babies to try on the wide-neck bottles to allow baby to use their natural sucking motion learned at the breast.

  • How often should Breast Pads be changed?

    As a rule of thumb, you should change the breast pads every 3 to 4 hours at feeding time. The rich nutrients in breast milk and the heat of your body make Breast Pads an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Be fastidious about changing them. Breast Pads are an essential product for mothers who are breastfeeding their babies, because they catch milk that leaks out. Perfectly adjustable to the shape of your breasts, both sides feature gentle gathers and adhesive tape.

  • It seems that there is no suction from the Breast Pump. Why?

    Make sure all the parts are assembled correctly, especially the milk valve and inner cup. Kindly refer to the product manual on how to assemble the breast pumps. In addition, when milk valve and inner cup are torn, there will be air leak and suction will be weak. Suction power can also be weak if milk valve is pushed too hard into the pump body.

  • How long is the warranty period for PIGEON Breast Pumps?

    All PIGEON Electric Breast Pumps come with 6 months warranty period covering the motor unit. Kindly retain the original purchase receipt and a copy of the warranty card to qualify for the warranty.

  • Do you sell spare parts for Breast Pumps? Where can I purchase them?

    Yes, But all spare parts are upon stocks availability. We recommend you to contact our Customer Service Department at 1800 266 0808 to check on stocks availability.

  • Where can I purchase PIGEON products?

    In general, our products are available in major departmental stores, baby specialty stores, hypermarkets and supermarkets. However, due to the wide range of PIGEON products and the limited store size, some products may only be available in the bigger outlets in departmental stores.

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