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Pigeon India has supported all the nursing moms with #StandByNursingMoms campaign

17 October 2018

Pigeon India has initiated a unique campaign on account of the World Breast feeding week observed during the first week of August this year.

Pigeon India, the leading mother and baby care brand promotes the importance of breast feeding emphasising on the fact that breast milk is the most precious gift a mother can give her baby, providing nutrients necessary for healthy growth and antibodies that protect baby from disease. And, the time spent breastfeeding helps foster a stronger bond with your baby. The benefits are so great that the baby should be fed breast milk exclusively from birth to six months.

The campaign #StandByNursingMoms shares a 6 minutes long emotional video that showcases new moms sharing their comfort to breastfeed their babies. The documentary helps us understand what moms go through during their breastfeeding stage and the support they need from their near and dear ones, be it in office or at home.

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