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Baby Oral Care

Good dental hygiene should start early. As soon as your baby starts teething, begin cleaning his teeth. Sometimes, parents are unaware that even babies are exposed to sugars.

Did you know that natural sugars in breast milk can cause tooth decay? Hence, it is important to look after your baby's teeth as soon as they appear.

Your little one should start to teeth at around six months old and will continue to have a complete set of 20 milk teeth by two and a half years old. A healthy set of teeth is essential for baby's development. With good teeth, your child can enjoy a healthy diet, thereby allowing proper jaw growth and speech development.



  • PIGEON Children Toothpaste is an excellent cleaning paste for children’s teeth.
  • It helps prevent tooth decay and promotes healthy gum.
  • It contains limited foaming agent.
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PIGEON Trainer Toothbrush Set can be used for all stages of tooth growth. Lesson 1 Toothbrush has a safety shield for practice in baby's mouth. Lesson 2 Toothbrush has rubber bristles that are soft enough for baby's gums. Introduce Lesson 3 Toothbrush after all milk teeth have appeared. The rounded bristle-ends are tender and gentle on baby's gums.

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PIGEON Toddlers Toothgel is an excellent cleaning paste for your child. It is Fluoride-free and SLS free. It helps prevent tooth decay and promotes healthy gums

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