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Toiletries and Skincare for the delicate skin

PIGEON cares for your baby's skin as only a mother knows how!Whether your baby's skin condition is normal or has a tendency to develop eczema, PIGEON SKINCARE range is suitable for daily care of your baby's skin.

Baby's skin is extremely delicate and fragile. While a baby's skin looks soft and supple, it is less oily and much thinner than an adult's, and is thus more susceptible to environmental factors.

A baby's skin needs special care. Protect your baby with our specially formulated skin care products. It will keep your baby's skin clean, smooth and silky soft at all times.

Three Tips for Caring for Baby's Skin

  • Give your baby a bath every day and keep baby's skin clean at all times. Clean your baby gently with mild baby soap.
  • Moisturize baby's skin after baths. Baby's skin becomes dry after bathing. Use baby lotion or oil to keep skin moisturized.
  • Baby's skin is susceptible to environmental factors. Adjust room temperature and humidity to protect your baby's skin.


All about washing your baby Head


The so-called soft spot on your baby's head will be much smaller when he is about 18 months old, after his skull has come together.Until then, don't push it, just wash his head with gentle strokes. Lather the baby shampoo well and clean your baby's head every day.


Wash your baby's face well with baby soap when you give him a bath. Clean his cheeks, which can become dirty with drool and milk, and his forehead, where there are many secretions from his skin. Be sure to wipe the soap from his face with a warm, damp cloth.


With all his body fat, your baby has lots of crevices and wrinkles. Sweat and dirt can become trapped in these areas, and can even cause your baby to smell bad. Whenever you give him a bath, use your fingers to spread open these areas and wash them well.


Your baby's bottom is subject to urine and stool in his diapers all day long . This is particularly true in the deep wrinkles around his crotch, which is the dirtiest part of his body. So be sure to wash this area at least once a day.

Newborn Mild

Introducing our Newborn Mild Skincare Range offering natural moisturization. It allows the skin of babies not to dry out and be less flaky. A complete Paraben-free, Sulphate-free, Non-irritant solution. Dermatologically tested.

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Natural Skincare Products

Nourish Your Baby with a Premium Blend of Natural Essences

A baby's skin is only about half as thick as an adult's.  The skin secretions that help protect your baby from pollutants in the environment are less than half of an adult's.

With such fragile skin and a naturally weaker immune system, your baby is highly susceptible to infections, irritants and injuries.

Therefore, extra care is needed when it comes to your baby's skin.  Pigeon introduces Natural Skincare Range to protect and nourish your baby's skin with a premium blend of natural essences.

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Sakura Skincare

Pigeon New Sakura Skincare Range

Pigeon India is happy to announce its New Skincare range which contains sakura extract offering natural moisturization. It allows the skin of babies not to dry out and be less flaky. The SAKURA range consists of SAKURA Baby Milky Lotion, SAKURA Baby Wash 2in1 & SAKURA Baby Oil 2in1.

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Other Skincare

Daily care for the baby is vitally important. When there are safe and handy products to help, the hard work is transformed into joy of bonding with the baby. The products in this range are a part of the preparations for childbirth and can be used throughout the child’s transition from newborn to toddler.

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