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Perfect hygiene Care for your baby

Fats and proteins in milk that stick to the walls of nursing bottles and nipples are difficult to remove. With PIGEON Liquid Cleansers, you can thoroughly clean your baby's bottles and nipples after use.

"We care for your baby’s hygiene as much as you do and we go the extra mile in bringing to you the perfect cleaning solutions. Our advanced cleaning liquid with antibacterial properties ensures the feeding equipment is thoroughly cleaned before use. Specially designed bottle and nipple cleaners with unique ergonomic designs reach every inch of the bottle for thorough cleaning. High quality nylon and sponge cleaning materials are soft on the bottles and prevent scratches.

Give your baby’s feeding kit the expert cleaning in PIGEON’s range of steam sterilizers. Also find sterilizing tablets, tongs and other cleaning accessories for expert cleaning at home – just the way professionals do!"

PIGEON Liquid Cleanser is a safe and ideal cleanser. Not only is the cleanser strong enough to remove the most stubborn stains, it is also gentle on your skin. Made from edible carbohydrate derivatives, the cleanser is safe for cleaning baby accessories and even food.TIP: As newborn babies have immune systems that do not stand well against many kinds of bacteria, sterilizing nursing bottles and nipples protects your baby from germs.


PIGEON Steam Sterilizer, with its user-friendly open-concept heating plate, allows you to remove built-up deposits easily. No chemicals are required to effectively clean the sterilizer; only easy and natural cleaning methods need be used. Simply follow the instructions below and your sterilizer will stay safe, clean and hygienic.

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Liquid Cleanser

  • Ideal cleanser that safely cares for babies.
  • 100% food grade ingredients to ensure maximum safety to babies, even with cleanser residue.
  • Cleans effectively, removing stubborn milk stains.
  • Anti-bacteria properties, proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria.
  • Can be used to wash nursing bottles, nipples, baby accessories, as well as fruits and vegetables for the family.
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Cleaning Brush

Parents need a little extra help when keeping baby's nursing articles safe, clean and hygienic. The PIGEON Sponge Brush and Nylon Brush are additional tools for parents in becoming more efficient in seeing to baby's well-being.

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