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Comfortable growth for your baby.

Babies grow fast and require different baby care products at different stages of their development. PIGEON MagMag focuses on the changing needs of growing babies and provides perfectly designed products for their various needs.

Drinking from a straw is a learned skill, as opposed to suckling at a mother's breast which is a natural reflex. MagMag is a three-step training cup to help babies develop oral mechanics to drink the way adults do.

PIGEON MagMag captured the heart of mothers since its first release in Japan in 1982. This revolutionary product, which supports the baby's natural development, is based on extensive research in the oral development of babies.

In 1990, MagMag was developed for the overseas market and it immediately won the trust of mothers all over the world. In 2005, we proudly introduced the third generation PIGEON MagMag.


All About PIGEON's MagMag

MagMag is based on research of baby's oral
development to provide a natural drinking habit for babies.

Leak-proof Hood

Hood for nipple, spout, and straw is designed to protect from leakage of milk and juice.

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Feeding Accessories

When weaning begins, your baby's swallowing mechanism is still conditioned to breast sucking. His tongue thrusts forward, and he cannot close his lips very well. Until he learns to close his mouth, his lips cannot fulfill their role as sensors, and he is unable to produce the suction needed to eat. Thus babies need to learn how to close their lips first.

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