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CODE: 26140IN

Summary & Product Specifications

  • Light weight and portable.
  • Perfect Sealing Soft Sillicone Air cushion Air Cushion™.
  • Two Phase Technology – Stimulation and Expression modes.
  • Ergonomic easy-express handle.
  • Simple and easy, No backflow feature.


  • Comfort ProperFit™
  • Soft Silicone Cushion Provides a secure seal and comfortable fit for more efficient pumping.
  • Phase Technology – Stimulation and Expression modes.
  • Stimulation mode gently stimulates the breast to initiate milk flow and Expression mode to maximize milk flow.
  • Adjustable Suction Pressure - 6 adjustable levels of suction pressure.
  • Portable and compact - For easy pumping anytime, anywhere.
  • Fewer parts, which makes it easy to assemble, use and clean.
  • Hygienic design to prevent milk from flowing back to the funnel.
  • Bottle stand Secures bottle to prevent spills.


Please do not attempt to open the circuit. Self repairing the circuit can cause hazards.

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