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Summary & Product Specifications

  • For a unique drinking experience for your baby
  • Step 3 cup for 8+ months baby
  • Straw top for sucking the drink to the mouth
  • Help's in baby's drinking development


MagMag Straw Cup Step 3 (for 8 months onwards) - Orange

  • Baby's drinking style changes rapidly as he grows and develops his oral skills.It is important to provide him with a comfortable and smooth transition from breastfeeding to eventually drinking with a straw independently.
  • MagMag Training Cup System is designed to facilitate and enhance the development of baby's drinking skills by allowing a smooth transition from nipple to straw with its interchangeable drinking tops.
  • Mag Mag All-in-One Set is a training cup that comes complete with all the 3 interchangeable tops for ease of training.
  • Step 3 - Straw Top
    Once your baby's sucking power gets stronger, train him to drink using straw, just like an adult.
  • Leak-proof when the lid is completely close.
  • Hole at straw tip is cross-cut, hence Spill-proof.
  • Soft silicone straw for easy drinking.
  • Lower straw part is bent at an angle for easy drinking till the last.
  • Wide and straight handles for easy holding.


Please do not attempt to open the circuit. Self repairing the circuit can cause hazards.

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