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Baby Hygiene

Baby hygiene is perhaps the next thing to baby feeding that every mother worries about. A plump baby with all that baby fat looks highly adorable and cuddly. But with all that chubbiness come millions of crevices and layers of skin covered in the cute fat. Thorough cleaning with quality products keeps your baby looking and smelling clean and happy. Be sure to clean every inch of your baby’s body.

Delicate bottoms, tiny nails, little arms, toothless smiles, though adorable, need care and cleaning. From baby wipes and wet tissues, nail clippers and tweezers, diapers and wipes to brushes and laundry wash, PIGEON has the widest range of hygiene care products for total care of your baby.


An important Baby Essential

Changing diapers for your baby is one of the most frequently performed and important taks for mothers.

Soft and dry diapers ensure that your baby is comfortable all day long.  PIGEON's range of Baby Nappy assures good protection and offers great comfort for your little ones.

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Diaper rash is a nuisance to every mother and is a baby's bane.  As your baby's skin is extremely delicate, it is necessary to change diapers as sooon as they become wet to prevent diaper rash.  Use mild baby wipes to clean the skin area and then, thoroughly dry the skin.PIGEON's Baby Wipes are silky soft to gently clean and moisturize baby's delicate diaper area.

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Other than caring for your baby's diaper area, PIGEON's comprehensive range of wet tissues provides you with greater assurance to help protect your baby's skin, be it in indoors or outdoors.

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Laundry Care

Caring for your Baby's Clothes

Caring for your baby involves not only for his or her body,but also the clothes that he or she wears.

PIGEON's range of laundry care is specially formulated to help remove stains on baby clothes effectively and is completely safe for baby.

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Hygiene & Health Care Accessories


It's hard when baby does not feel well. To prepare for such uncertain times, it's helpful to have a few aids to keep baby comfortable. From PIGEON Nose Cleaner, Digital Thermometer to Cooling Sheets, these products can help parents ease baby's discomfort .

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