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MagMag Training Cups

All About PIGEON's MagMag

MagMag is based on research of baby's oral
development to provide a natural drinking habit for babies.

Leak-proof Hood

Hood for nipple, spout, and straw is designed to protect from leakage of milk and juice.

Baby MagMag Cup

Easy to Grasp

Soft and non-slippery elastomer ensures a firm and comfortable grip.
Portable Compact Size 180ml.

Step-Up System

  • STEP 1: Begin with nipple.
  • STEP 2: Move on to spout.
  • STEP 3: Move on to straw.

Each stage of training is important for baby's natural oral development
and drinking habits.

Perfect Shape

Each shape is designed to fit baby's sensitive mouth perfectly.

Straw Training

Infants begin to practice using drinking from straw at about the same time as they start their cup training. Step by step, children learn to move fluids up the straw and create suction required to swallow. It is best to start training with a wide straw and gradually move on to a narrower straw in order for them to learn how to drink continuously and more efficiently.

Cup Training

Babies cannot produce a negative pressure space in their mouths unless they close and tighten their lips. Until they become proficient in that, babies need to practice by using cups with a slanted mouthpiece. The mouthpiece allows babies to sip liquids as they learn to purse their lips together and drink from a regular cup.

  • FIGURE 1. The lips close to form a seal with the straw. The back of the throat also closes.
  • FIGURE 2. The child lowers the pressure within the space of the mouth to create suction.
  • FIGURE 3. Liquid moves up the straw when the tip of the straw reaches the negative pressure space.

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