Pigeon India
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Summary & Product Specifications

  • Pigeon teethers are ideal for your baby.
  • Safe for your baby.
  • Wide handle is easy to hold and grip.
  • Contains sterilized water inside.


Pigeon- Cooling Teether - Duck

  • PIGEON Teethers are ideally shaped for baby's mouth.
  • The wide handle is the perfect thickness for baby's small fingers to grasp securely.
  • Encourage the development of the periodontal membrane from the time the baby's primary teeth first emerge.
  • When baby starts to teeth, the teether can be placed in the refrigerator to soothe baby's gums.

NOTE: Do not put in the freezer.Contains safe, sterilized water.Can be used as a toy from three months old.Available in fun designs circle, square, traingle, piano, guitar, trumpet, star, duck, flower


Please do not attempt to open the circuit. Self repairing the circuit can cause hazards.

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